Data and Information Management

The provision of information management strategies and the associated ongoing information management and asset data validation


  • Define Client Requirements

Support the definition of the Business/Client Information Requirements with a tailored set of protocols, documentation, systems, workflows

  • Asset Data Requirements

Define the critical asset data requirements to understand fund management facilities on handover

  • Container Protocol & Workflow Definition

Define, document and implement supporting protocols and workflows for effective information management and data exchange

  • Report & Data Analytics

Unlock and enable strategic level and project level reporting through data analytics to drive compliance, improvements and efficiencies – the provision of business intelligence through the ability to draw comparison across a portfolio of projects with consistent process and data analytics

  • CDE Procurement

Provide independent advice for the selection and procurement of the Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • CDE  Configuration

Set-up configuration of the Enterprise Level CDE business-wide roll-out and adoption (define the group standard)

CDE mobilisation, set-up configuration and deployment at individual project level in alignment to defined group standard

  • CDE  Management

Ongoing management of the CDE – validate and quality assure all project information, documents, drawings and asset information submitted onto the CDE portal as project progresses

  • CDE  Governance & Maintenance

Ongoing governance control and improvements of the CDE, providing the gateway for proposed changes in line with defined protocols