Business Digital Transformation

We offer strategic consultancy advice to deliver consistent and sustainable digital transformation providing measurable business benefits



Undertake a “discovery phase” of the client’s existing approach, processes and protocols across the organisation and output a gap analysis

Strategy Road Map

Define a clear strategy road map for Executive Board approval and investment


Establish a framework of defined information and data deliverables to drive consistency, and business-wide adoption

Company Procedures

Provide a documented process, which integrates into company procedures

Business Case

Collaboratively create a compelling business proposition for communication across the organisation

People & Culture

Establish a people and culture change adoption programme to successfully deliver the digital transformation

Document System & Support Tools

Document systems and supporting digital tool sets required to deliver, in the digital environment, and provide support in their integration

Digital Twin & Smart Cities

Provide succinct advice to support Digital Twin/Smart Cities

Industry Standards

Alignment of strategy with the ISO19650 suite of documents

Document Review

Advisory role/peer review of existing approach and adoption