Introducing HDR | Concentre Consulting

About Us

HDR | Concentre Consulting is a leading consultancy focused on digital transformation in the built environment. We support our clients’ in obtaining accurate, consistent and quality data, which is easily accessible to the right stakeholder at the right time; unlocking the ability to make improved decisions with confidence.

We are specialists in providing a holistic approach to implementing agile processes for lasting organisational improvements. Our focus and drive across the entire project lifecycle, assists our clients in migrating from functional silos to integrated teams, providing the ability to access critical business information quickly.

We understand that digital transformation is not just about technology but driving a cultural change, placing people at the forefront of change for lasting organisational improvements.

Our Approach

Digital transformation starts with asking the right questions. We recognise that each organisation’s digital journey is unique and as a result we spend time developing a client-specific road map. We consider our client engagements as a true partnership, offering a strong foundation and dedication to the highest standards of service from inception throughout delivery.

By reviewing both the information management and information modelling requirements (BIM) of our clients, we ensure that all information is managed, validated and controlled in compliance with industry standards and specific client needs. Utilising our five step approach we are able to develop personalised and manageable road maps for our clients.

Digital Development Chain